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Architects on color
The right choice of color is of vital importance for architects. Not only can the experience strongly be influenced by the color, also materials, history, symbolism and the environment play an important role. Read more about different architects talking about paint and color.


Liesbeth van der Pol

"Having a colored wall in your house immediately brings a good atmosphere"

Liesbeth van der Pol is an architect working for the Dutch government. ‘You have modern or traditional interiors. When the architecture is done well, both can be used at once’.

Gilian Schrofer

"Red is warm and embracing"

Gilian Schrofer designs commercial and public spaces, the town museum for example. Find out his secret about the color red here.

Michou Nanon de Bruijn

"You have to build your own little castle"

Michou Nanon de Bruijn graduated in 2009 at the Design Academy of Eindhoven. She is considered to be a rising talent within the industry.

Sjoerd Soeters

"White window frames are part of the Dutch tradition"
Architect Sjoerd Soeters designs buildings, among which the town hall in Zaanstad. He’s also in charge of the designs of new suburbs.




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