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Designing the painting of space or construction, the choice of suitable materials and quality must be the first task.
Since its inception Sigma Coatings has been steadily oriented towards the development and production of materials that meet the highest demands.
Our multi-year and daily friction with our works enables us to give here basic useful tips to avoid frequent mistakes and to successfully finish painting.


Selection of the right tools and correct application for any kind of surface and material.
Selection of the appropriate primer, as it is the material that stabilizes the surface and connects the final layers of paint with the surface.
Control and preparation of the surface for painting. The surface must be dry, stable, clean, free from dirt, oil and loose debris.
Points where it can penetrate damp surfaces such as joints, gutters window sills, etc. be sealed thoroughly with suitable material.
Avoid the application of varnish or ripoline on wooden surfaces at high temperatures and direct exposure to solar radiation.
Avoid iron staining without first removing the rust and applying the following 1-2 layers of antioxidant primer.
Dilutions and environmental conditions during application must be observed in accordance with product specifications.
Smooth surfaces must be sanded for better traction.




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