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Tips and methods for a perfect result
Before starting your paint job, you better inform and prepare yourself. On this page, we’ll help you with painting techniques, tips for the choice of color and information about the use of colors and some inspirational ideas.


The perfect color choice for your facade

Most advice about choosing a color is about the interior, but the outside of your home determines its look.
Ten tips to select a great color for the outside of your house!

Create a color scheme

Which colors will you pick for your walls, frames and doors?

Walls with special effects

A wall in a glossy metallic color is surprising. Likewise, painting with a sponge or cloth makes the walls look special. It’s recommended to use special paints for these jobs.

Wow effect with many types

For decades, RAL 9010 and 9001 have been the best-selling white paints. Tempt yourself by other types of white and gloss.





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