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An Artist in our Midst – Meet Jana

Introducing Jana Magdová, a prolific and talented artist from Žilina, Slovakia.
Jana has worked with PPG for over seven years and she is currently a Brand Marketing Manager for brands such as Balakryl & Johnstone’s & Bondex.
In her free time she paints portraits, abstract paintings and designs on other items.
Jana learned how to paint in an art school for children and was in attendance there for 12 years.
She uses water-based paints including PPG’s Balakryl, for abstract Jana PPG Peoplepaintings, she also used it to paint on various surfaces – such as women’s court shoes!
Jana admires the work of painters from Renaissance era for example Tizian and Da Vinci.
Most recently she has been painting less realistic works as she is inspired by her fantasies and feelings.
Jana also uses her skills in her work at PPG,  her artistry is particularly relevant when she’s participating in PPG’s Colorful Communities events.
In the Brno project she led a children’s workshop and created the beautiful wall pattern.
She also leads painting lessons for PPG employees which are always informative and great fun!
She loves the whole process of painting but enjoys the very beginning the most as she relishes the unknown and the nature of how each piece will evolve.
She lets the creativity to take over, painting brings a lot of joy to her life.
Do you have an interesting hobby or talent you’d like to share with the PPG community? Or perhaps an interest that’s close to your heart? We’d love to hear about it!
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